13 October, 2008

looking for the answer to the ULTIMATE question.

so here we are again... monday. wish i knew what it was with me and mondays, but my mind thinks weird things on mondays. but no alcohol today.. just my friend, mr. ceiling fan.

so here's the question of the day: how can it be that one minute you are madly in love with a man and the very next second you could shake the last breath out of his stupid, insensitive, inconsiderate body? i at times want to yell "seriously??" hoping to get a different response other than the typical "i don't know what you are talking about" look. you know the one. that one that has a tendency to make your skin crawl and your blood pressure hit the stroke level. it must be what it means to have a viet nam flash back. i don't think that i will ever understand the capacity of that kind of reflection, but i think that i'm coming within the radar. and for the second part... is this something that men are born with or is it something that they learn. or is this the video that the boys got to watch while us girls were watching the horrifing film about getting our periods and that "this is just part of life and it happens to everyone."

by george, i believe i just answered my own question.

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