20 October, 2008

untitled. chapter: monday

figured i would just title an entire chapter "monday". or maybe i should consider that a title for the book, if it ever makes it to print. or better yet, find someone who actually thinks i have something in these fragmented, un-capitalized sentences.

so happy monday. woo-hoo! i would absolutely support the 4 day work week with it starting on tuesday so that monday could be assigned the "weekend hangover" day. weekends are chaotic! insanely chaotic. seems like they fly by at warp speed and laugh at you.

and on this particular monday. i find myself lost once again. too bad it isn't in some breath-taking island with a cold umberella drink in my hand. i'm lost in life. my emotional compass has been misplaced and my ADD mind has no idea where i put it. (it must be with the clothes that i sat out for my son on thursday that i still haven't been able to locate). and the worst part, if there even is something worse than this, is that i have NO and i mean NO, N-O, NO idea how i got here.

so here's my bullentin to be broadcasted to the listening: if you see me wandering around aimlessly with this confused look on my face and my broken heart on my sleeve, buy us both a drink and let's talk. i tend to find my way back to where i belong while talking to someone.

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