05 October, 2008

untitled. chapter one. rough draft.

she has a sass about her when she walks.
making sure that her heels almost click, like that of a dancer, with each step.
but just on the left side.
her eyes are focused on his.
squinting in the late afternoon sun.
moving towards him as if in slow motion. one heartbeat at a time.

he strecthes out to grab her hands.
with skin, warm and soft, despite it's occupation.
"it's alright that we go...."

**bbeeeepppp! bbeeeeeepppp!"
she awakes breathless.
her heart pounding so hard, she feels it through her body.
"stupid alarm," she mumbles, running her fingers through her hair. she searches for her glasses to check to see what time it is. and after realizing that she can go back to sleep for another two hours, she nudges her husband to get up. rolling over to find that sweet spot back on her side of the bed, she thinks about the dream. "it's alright that we go...." what in the world could that mean? those blue eyes haven't crossed her mind in years.

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